Keratin Treatment

The secret of smooth, shiny hair is a big mystery all the time for many women. Keratin is one of the treatments options which can satisfy the women hair need but there are still many questions left behind to be answered like can you afford it? What does it actually do, how long will it last? Is there any mystery surrounding keratin treatments, so V V Studio is creating a handy guide to explain it all .

What is Keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a process like smoothing that seals the hair cuticle with a protein coating that eliminates frizzes and brings softness and shininess on the hair. There are various formaldehyde and non-formaldehyde customisable versions of keratin treatment but no matter the formaldehyde content basically, keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein and your hair will appear healthier. However, it is your hairstylist who can better judge what will suit on your hair based on hair condition and quality check before the treatment.

The whole process can consume nearly 3 hours depending on hair type, length and fullness as the whole treatment passes through various stages.

How does a Keratin treatment do for the shine, health and colour of the hairs?

It usually smooths the hair post treatment and makes them more manageable. The treatment will be more effective if this is done post colouring as it will seal in your hair colour and add incredible shine. For clients like women, it can also help with unruly hair, helping cut styling time in half.

Keratin treatment is ideal for whom?

We have come across many clients asking what exactly is a keratin and whether the treatment will go good for them. It’s not for everyone though but If you have coarse and frizzy hair, we highly recommend a keratin, as it’ll eliminate frizz and soften hair for easier styling. If you’re someone who doesn’t like their curl, or blows their hair out smooth on the daily, we would definitely recommend a keratin.

How much does the keratin treatment damage your hair?

It is not necessarily the Keratin treatment damages your hair; it can be nourishing to the hair. As the time passes, we start loosing our own keratin protein on the hair and a Keratin treatment can put the keratin back into the hair. But when it comes to flat ironing during the process, that’s where damage can come into play. Flat ironing is a must process for the treatment as it seals the product on hair but again depending on hair type and condition, so it is your hair stylist who will have to be highly evaluated in the heat process like the client with a lot of highlights, we would use a lower heat setting and do less passes as opposed to a virgin-haired client whose hair won’t be as prone to damage with the iron set to a higher heat setting.

What are the post treatment care to have a long-lasting result?

First hair wash plays an important role post treatment to get long lasting result. Typically, keratin product lines recommend a waiting period of two days or 48 hours post treatment before shampooing or getting hair wet.

What shampoo should you use on regular hair wash post keratin treatment- Ideally it should be your hair stylist who would suggest what shampoo of what brand and which is again sulphate free.

How long does Keratin treatment last?

Usually, it should last anywhere in between 4 to 6 months but again it highly depends on how often you are shampooing the hair and making sure you are using only sulphate free shampoo.

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